Contemporary Impressionist

I strive to create visual masterpieces that are strong in composition and subject while remaining aesthetically enticing. No matter what the subject, with all of my paintings, I am always trying to capture in paint, with color, an energy, enthusiasm and a strong sense of wonder.

Initially, my paintings evolve quickly with thick layers of color that are worked loosely and intuitively. Then the process slows down. The subject starts to take shape, the conversation begins. I listen to what the painting is telling me and respond with layers of more color or neutrals. Often a layer is scrapped off to reveal the color underneath.

The harmonious distribution of color used throughout the canvas blends the background, the foreground and the paintings composition into a single plane. When viewers look at my painting they will see a celebration of color that within contains the subject.

The many layers of paint give the work a textural and sculptural quality. The viewer may feel the need to touch my paintings because the experience is more than visual, but tactile as well.